Major Goals Managing Director

After several years of presence in India, the local subsidiary company did not achieve its business goals & objectives in terms of volume/market share or profitability, while the Indian market in general was doing well. The local management was not able to capture the growing product demand and to gain market share.
There were conflicts between the local management and the global executive team; cultural differences also contributed to the low morale, friction, and hence, business suffered.

After carefully analyzing this situation, the global executive management decided to remove the business head of India immediately and to replace him with a Brainforce Interim Managing Director.
His main taks were to improve the situation, to reorganize the local team, to restructure the business in order to capture the current growth opportunity in India until a permanent replacement is identified and installed.



  • Within weeks, the local team was stabilized to full satisfaction of the executive management in Switzerland. The Interim Manager made sure the talent was retained and motivated
  • He managed to retain and to broaden the customer base and the business overall. The business performance increased by three folds in terms of volume and profitability compared with the previous year. This has set the stage for further growth in years to come.
  • In the Group’s worldwide ranking, the subsidiary company in India climbed to number 4th position in terms of volume and profitability, up from less than 12th position in previous years.
  • The Interim Manager hired a new country General Manager and other members of the management team.