Major Goals General Manager

The Chinese Market is a very dynamic market, which requires fast reactions and solutions. The company decided to reorganize and to merge both legally independent Chinese companies into one new organization.

For a certain transition period, they needed an interim professional to implement the new organization, to optimize processes, to speed up the market penetration and also the streamlining of the production, which was to ramp up quickly.

This interim manager developed as a first step – in a strategy expert role – a new strategy for Asia/China, together with the client’s Group management team. It was the intention from the beginning to assign the implementation responsibility to the same interim manager.


Achieved Results of the General Manager

The Interim General Manager had to change and improve the internal organization and processes between the two Chinese companies and especially to reorganize the production facility.

A KANBAN process was successfully implemented in the workshop, supply chain management was improved and also shortfalls in finance and reporting were amended. In China this required a strong leadership and coaching. In order to bridge with the Corporate Tech Center, a product champion was implemented for each product line.